About Us

Mademoiselle F is a very long Think idea. Initially, I had to make this blog alone and as I propose to Melinda to this blog for two. She wanted to make a fashion blog, and I told myself to only two we would have fun even more. Do not believe a blog is a fun, yes, but it is also a commercial center for our sponsors. We are both passionate about fashion. We have two different styles, different tastes, different ideas. We simply offer a variety of possibilities and style for all those wishing dressed his avatar in Second Life. We also carry out proposals for Men The avatars of our Partners, help us a lot :D

We started the blog, on a simple FaceBook page  December 16 th 2014 => HERE . At that time, I thought it was easier to share through this means of communication and Melinda me well demonstrate that a « real » Blog, would certainly be the easiest. She was right. So we create and start posting. Today we become, it is very simple, we continue to post our ideas, photos with great passion. Our pictures are not perfect. But I think that’s what makes us unique. We improve us every day. Our ideas are often original (I think, this is just my personal opinion)

But over time our style became too different and mostly we wanted our independence, both, we decided to make our individual blogs and separate us from Blog Mademoiselle F. Now we have each our blog.  🙂

Lately. I succeeded the cast of this great magazine VERSUS , I am very proud to be part of this team. Some of my posts will be on the official blog = HERE

Later, I succeeded the casting to be stylist and photographer of the magazine Versus

Since 2015, I am Blogger and photographer for creation Ideza Furniture. My photos are used to present the products in the store and events.

Today, I open very soon a photo gallery, to show my universe.

Creators of Second Life, if you want to become our partners in this great adventure, do not hesitate to contact me.

Purple Leonis Oneill ( Nel4481 resident) :

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