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Over time, I learned that blogger is a contract between the creator and blogger. I submit to the Terms, sometimes I make mistakes I change in the immediate, but some errors can be resolved by just a few requests I’m going to do:

I think my exigeances are minimal compared to some creator and are logical for effectiveness work.

1 – To help me in my blogger effective and avoid any misunderstanding or forget an event, I demand a notecard in the pack blog, featuring inside:

– LM of the event
– The name of the event
– Dates of event
If you have several Creations, the creation of the name that will be in the event

Or tell me a link where you gather all information on a page of a website. I consult every time.

I do not always get the groups via notecard, I have to look at every time in history and if I have no information in the group message, I can not know that it is for an event.

Its just gathered details, help us and we are more efficient. Your future customers have no false information and head straight for the places of your creating. Efficiency, time savings. If you gave me no information, I have to look for them and I’m losing time too. Some of my sponsors already made this request and I thank them is a real pleasure.

2 – I also informed my sponsors and my future sponsors that I decided that after three months without having blogging of items or information on your judgment of activity for several months, I will take you to my sponsors. The exchange between us is no longer valid.

Except, of a particular condition with me.

3 – Also, I ask one last thing, if you view your bloggers on your site, I required only the list up to date, as I do for you. I display your logo, your information in a maximum of 48 hours on my blog. You can put your list up to date.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation and the consideration of my requests. 😉

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