Día de los Muertos

Monde Paralèlle

O Muse ! que m’importe ou la mort ou la vie ?
J’aime, et je veux pâlir; j’aime et je veux souffrir;
J’aime, et pour un baiser je donne mon génie;
J’aime, et je veux sentir sur ma joue amaigrie
Ruisseler une source impossible à tarir.
La Nuit d’août de Alfred de Musset

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Oh ! comme les oiseaux doivent mourir l’hiver ! Pourtant, lorsque viendra le temps des violettes, Nous ne trouverons pas leurs délicats squelettes Dans le gazon d’avril, où nous irons courir. Est-ce que les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir.
Citation Poème  » La mort des oiseaux » de François Coppé

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La nature n’est pas un paysage statique sur une toile tendue. C’est un visage vivant marqué par toutes nos sensations, nos larmes et nos cris, et qui nous tire une galaxie de langues !

Citation : La fosse aux chiens de John Cowper Powys

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In my Mind

Mademoiselle F Blog

For this photo, I put my time creating the world I wanted to do in my little head. The idea was good here, but it was missing it was the perfect outfit to represent the universe I wanted. Here I was searching for a pious appearance but modern. We can say in a sense, a religious of the future. I’m not sure they will be dressed like that, but it is a freedom that I have in me.

Now the technical aspect. Here, I‘ve realized one thing. I remind you that I am still learning the mastery of graphic design. Mastery is a great word because I think it is still learning every day. I mostly consider that we take an easier time working on images. On Second Life, in the previous post, I told you that there was an advantage, this game created shadows, but beware, the shadows are not created on the skin of the avatar with clothing. As an example, the draped over the face of my avatar, the shadow, I have to make, the various details of shadow that would in reality, does not perform at all. I had to work a lot on the shadows to give a more real look at my photos. A lot of work, I can assure you.
Some hair mesh melts away pieces of clothing. Here, I recreated pieces of fabric in the frames, which is not easy either, but the result is satisfactory. With time, I’ll do better. I love making this type of photo and I still take a lot of fun doing them 🙂
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