Je voudrais qu’il aimât les clairs de lune, les roses pompon, les nostalgies exotiques, les langueurs printanières, les névroses fin de siècle, toutes choses que personnellement j’abomine mais qui, de nos jours, font bien dans un roman.
Le Vol d’Icare (1968) de Raymond Queneau

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J’aime les choses qui naissent, qui transforment, qui surprennent, qui irruptent. J’aime tout ce qui invente les issues de secours pour fuir le vieux monde.
Dans Le Monde, 12 décembre 2016. de Jean-Michel Ribes

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Apres la libération 1945 en France

Apres la libération.png

Little explanation:

It is a subject that can be uncomfortable, but it is part of our history that we must not forget. We are all concerned. The joy of being a free country again can hide a part of shadow create by the crowd and the mass effect. Women who had loved a German soldier were taken to task. Any woman who collaborated or even accused of collaborating out of love or not, was dragged to public place to suffer punishment. his beauty, his feminity, was removed by shaving his head. They were grimed and exposed to the peoples to show the superiority and the victory over the invading country. I wanted to remake this difficult period for all, be it his wives, his children, the families of his wives who were significant shame for all. But here, on the contrary, we see the espoire, support, for the hand that rests on the shoulder. We see this maternal protection.

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